During a webinar at 1pm ET on May 7th, the Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council will unveil a set of principles that define organizational leadership in sustainable purchasing.  By providing a common reference point for excellence, the Principles will enable greater alignment and benchmarking of sustainable purchasing efforts across all types of organizations operating in the multi-trillion dollar institutional purchasing marketplace.  The Principles will serve as a “moral compass” for the Council as it launches, in May, the development of a multi-sector program for guiding, benchmarking and recognizing leadership in sustainable purchasing.

The Council believes these Principles will help the institutional purchasing community achieve its full transformative potential, in much the same way that the UN Principles for Responsible Investment have helped investors to catalyze large-scale market transformation.  The development of a shared definition for leadership in sustainable purchasing will similarly enable efficient sharing of best practices, solutions, training, benchmarking, recognition, and policy efforts among organizations, sectors and regions.

“The Council supports a strategic approach to sustainable purchasing that is consistent across sectors,” says Executive Director Jason Pearson. “The potential for alignment, market influence, and supply chain innovation accelerate dramatically when we all speak the same language and use similar processes to evaluate and mitigate the impacts associated with institutional purchasing.”

In this one-hour webinar, viewers will learn about:

The five essential principles for leadership in sustainable purchasing

How to put the principles into action at your organization

How suppliers can support customers’ implementation of these principles

How the principles can be useful to advocates for social and environmental responsibility

How the principles serve as a foundation for the development of a multi-sector guidance, benchmarking and recognition program for leadership in sustainable purchasing

The Principles were developed through an 18-month multi-stakeholder process that engaged leading organizations from a number of sectors, and included the collection of more than 300 comments via public forums and a comment period.  The final iteration of the Principles reflects the deliberation of a Technical Advisory Group (TAG) made up of SPLC members from the purchaser, supplier and public interest advocacy communities.