NEW YORK, Dec. 09 /CSRwire/ - Marking United Nations International Anti-Corruption Day (December 9), Business In Society today posted its new video, “Fighting Global Corruption – the Multi-Trillion-Dollar Global Mission” featuring young people around the world taking up that mission.

The program centers on Secretary of State John Kerry’s recent estimate that corruption costs the global economy trillions of dollars annually. “Imagine” he has written, “the difference that would make to all those kids … yearning for jobs and opportunity, for electricity, for education.”

The program also presents the International Youth Network Against Corruption, headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya and Professor Carolyn Predmore, Director of Global Business Studies at Manhattan College, Riverdale New York. Professor Predmore describes how she has emphasized the significance of corruption – and what can be done about it – to her students.

This IYNAC call to action concludes the program:

“Youth should be involved individually and actively in the fight against corruption, pledging not to engage in corruption and ensuring they participate in championing for a corrupt-free world and speaking against corruption.”

Business In Society @Biz_in_Society executive producer John Paluszek: “Even as we recognize the diligent anti-corruption work being done by business, civil society, academic and government leaders we hope to generate a spark among college students and other young people on this global- society scourge. After all, they will inherit the earth.”

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